Friday, January 30, 2009

Shopping for Valentines

I was recently looking up home improvement products online and landed on How many of you use that site when you do your online shopping?

Anyway, I was looking for some tools and hardware stuff as possible gifts to the hubby, especially since our jack was stolen in our car before. Tools for men as valentines gifts. Brilliant, I say! But I think I also need a First Aid Kit for the car. We already have one at home but we should also have one in the car.

I was thinking of bags to give to the hubby to, for his new netbook, but since he already bought one, that's out of the question. New shoes would be great as well, especially a new running pair.

And I have to start printing out those coupons that will entitle him to more of my cooking and other treats that are priceless such as a whole body massage from me.

Good luck with those others who are scrambling for their Valentine gifts.

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Anonymous said...

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