Sunday, January 11, 2009

Shoebox Organization

Having problems locating your Manolo Blahnik pair in the midst of all those shoe boxes in your closet, and just when you're also very late for that very important date or appointment too?

Maybe one lazy afternoon, when you've got nothing to do but do not want to waste it, you can work on your shoe boxes. Label each one to facilitate finding the pair you want. Sometimes, just a simple card label or sticker will do. But if you've got many pairs of the same color, maybe you should consider taking pictures of each pair and printing those on sticker photo paper for faster identification.

Or, you can cut a hole on one of the short sides of each box and put a transparent plastic on that for easier peeking. This way, you'd also know if the shoes you're looking at will complement the outfit you're wearing.

And yes, do keep those boxes because storing your shoes in canvas bags or on top of each other will just facilitate them losing their form... and just putting them on shoe racks (except for those you often use) will get them gathering more dust.

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