Monday, January 05, 2009

Pool Parties with Bert Lozada

Summer is coming up and for those Moms who are throwing parties for their kids around summer, you may want to consider working with Bert Lozada Swim Schhol and throw a pool party with professional swim school teachers/coach to facilitate activities and games.

Instead of getting clowns and mascots, you get the following instead:

BLSS Pool Party Specialists Birthday Tarpaulin
BLSS Pool Party Specialists Standee
6 pcs. Noodles
6 pcs. Inner Tubes
6 pcs. Mini Mats
2 pcs. Inflatable Boats
2 pcs. Mini Inflatable Pools (for game use)
12 pcs. Armband Floaters
4 pcs. Beach Balls
9 pcs. Baskets
Colored Balls

Check out their website for rates and more information.

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