Sunday, January 25, 2009

Photographs Using Phone Cams

Interested in photography but want to check out first if you have tha artsy eye for it? Use your phone camera then. If you have a high-end model, you could even probably increase/maximize the memory capacity by buying another micro sd.

There is a science that goes with shooting good pictures and starting out with what's available to you. This way, you need not spend that much yet but can be on your way to developing a new hobby.

If you can master your phone camera and still take good pictures with it, then investing in a professional camera like a DSLR someday would be a good investment for you, because you know you will maximize its use.

Of course, only the expensive phones usually pack a decent camera with it, and most of these cameras work well if shots are made using sun as light so that exposure is okay. And if you want pictures for keeps, phone cameras may not be the best medium. Still, they provide the means for practicing a new craft. So go and start shooting. After you've mastered your cam, then you're ready to step up and invest in a new, more challenging one!

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