Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Milk Pellets from Thailand

People coming from Thailand usually bring spicy tamarind candies as pasalubong to give away to friends and family. But what about the kids who may not be fond of spicy anything yet? And what of those who really do not like anything spicy at all (plus, not all spicy tamarind candies are made the same, even in Thailand, some taste really good while others just taste as if the makers just had a field day with the chilis).

What's a good alternative then that cannot be found here?

Try these milk pellets. We could never decipher what it says in the packaging so we've taken to calling them milk pellets. Or milk candies. They're milk solids (tastes like Nido milk with sugar) shaped like small, flattened discs. They're a hit with almost everyone I know. My husband's aunts and uncles even ask for some in reunions, so we've taken to bringing some for dessert, to pass around.

They're also generally cheap. I believe the 25 small packs we have cost only some P300-400 (when converted). And they can be bought in most of the convenience stores around Thailand so they're not really a hassle to find. They also come in chocolate flavor so make sure to notice the packaging (it would still be white but with brown packaging print, instead of blue).

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Mustachio said...

I love this milk candy!! How I wish somebody would give me a year's supply of this!! :)

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