Friday, January 30, 2009

Furnishing A Small Space

Those in the city are feeling more and more cramped. There just isn't that much space to work with when you live in a metropolis and bulky furnishings make you feel all more overwhelmed.

What to do?

It may be expensive, or not (depending on how resourceful and inventive you are), but investing in good pieces with clean lines and that are designed to save space is really the only way to go.

Sample innovations you can do may include any of the following:

1) Buy a center table or side tables that can accommodate extra chairs (or cabinets) under them. For more seating when company comes calling, or for more storage.

2) Make do without a tv stand and prop your TV instead on a shelf. Or invest on a flat screen one you can have mounted on a wall.

3) Place the largest pieces of your furniture against the longest wall of the room. That would generally mean the sofa or dining table.

4) Consider double-decker beds in your kids' room. You can even decorate it enough that it also doubles as their play area so they wouldn't mind so much that one has to climb ladders just to get to his bed.

5) Instead of miscellaneous figurines, consider paintings or photos instead of your favorite things and have these mounted on the wall. You can even fill an entire wall of miscellaneous pictures and get an artsy feel to that space.

Of course, you may have to get rid of the really bulky pieces. And most of your clutter. Give away your old stuff to be sold in garage sales or sell them yourself on Ebay. Use whatever earnings to buy more usable pieces that will allow you to 'breathe' in your abode.

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