Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Take Care of the Grease

The Holidays usually bring with it the most sinful of foods... the most buttery, the most greasy, the most creamy of concoctions. So how do we take care of the grease and get them off our dining ware and Kohler sinks?

Of course, you would need to use the right cleaner. And its really best not to let all the grease congeal on your cookware and plates (especially if some of the cooking fat was burned). You can boil plenty of water and prepare basins of hot water with some dishwashing liquid for your dishes and utensils and pots. Let them sit there while you enjoy your Christmas dinner or while everyone is winding down with some tea or coffee (and some piece of cake). They will be easier to wash later.

You can also soak a rag in vinegar and use this to wipe countertops and stovetops.

Just make sure you deal with the grease as soon as you can, not only because cleaning them off is easier that way, it will also keep pests off your kitchen counters.

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