Monday, December 15, 2008

Shop At Night

If you still haven't declared yourself as on recession mode, and if you've already got your Christmas bonus at last but cannot find the time to shop, be not worried because sellers have come to your rescue.

For instance, mall hours have already been extended even on weeknights. And since traffic is bad after office hours, you'd do well to while a few hours away shopping for gifts or new outfits instead. By the time you decide to get home, chances are, it will be easier getting a cab and traffic isn't as jammed anymore (except maybe on the last two to three days before Christmas).

You can also take advantage of the night market in Divisoria. Wares are being sold cheaper at night because sellers do not exactly pay for the stalls they put up at night. It will be easier to buy loot for those Christmas goodie bags you're preparing.

But if you're too tired at night, make do with Multiply and Ebay sellers instead. At least, it would just be a one-time meet-up thing for you.

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