Friday, December 19, 2008

Sales Jobs

Pondering jobs in sales as a career path?

The ability to relate well to others would be a very important trait to have, because you would have to deal with all kinds of personalities, in different types of moods. Being able to relate well would not only mean being able to establish rapport with somone, but also being able to communicate well with them, confidently answering their questions and engaging them to actually listen and be invested in your sales speeches.

Of course, a certain degree of intelligence is required. Some companies may even require a certain technical background (e.g. a medical background for med reps; an IT background for telephony services sellers, etc.). But even the mo9st succesful of sellers will tell you that a positive attitude is the most important trait to have.

The positive attitude will allow you to believe in the product you're selling. And the positive attitude will keep you motivated to consider every person/company a possible client. It will allow you to be brave and try, and try again after you've been rejected. It will keep you from feeling disheartened to give your best at every sale you attempt.

People often have this notion that charm gets people earning well in sales. But its really grit and the will to achieve results that get people in sales rich.

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