Wednesday, December 17, 2008

No Shortcuts in Weight Loss

Sure, after the holidays, you can probabaly turn to Leptovox to rid yourself of the weight you gained over all the merrymaking. That's probably okay if you only gained around five pounds.

Still, since you most probably gained those pounds over time (starting with the BER months when people started serving more, and sweeter, food as Christmas comes nearer), you should also lose the weight gained over time. Weight loss pills should still be coupled with the right diet and exercise. And no drastic weight loss is ever beneficial. Your bones, for one thing, will become brittle. Plus, your skin is more likely to sag if the weight loss happened too fast.

So take your time and relish the journey it takes to get you to your ideal weight and size again. Plus, it's always easier that way, when you give your body the chance to adjust. You'd resent the diet and exercise less.

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