Wednesday, December 03, 2008

Holiday Movie Marathon

Not sure what to do with your family this coming holiday season?

Delegate who'd be in charge of cooking the popcorn and the churros, or eat all the extra (or reject) baked goodies you're baking and selling while enjoying movie marathons with the entire family. Invite some cousins or friends over too, if you want. You can even turn it into a potluck thing.

Enjoy the home theater seating in your media room and pick themes. Like, for a certain night, its Star Wars. The next night, Harry Potter movies. And another night, all Home Alone movies. Or every Christmas movie you can think of. People can even bring their own movie along with the food and booze, so you can pick more generic themes (Disturbing Movies Night, Geek Movies Night, Chick Flick Movies Night, Julia Roberts Movies Night, Action Movies Night, etc.).

Am sure it would be a great bonding way... and will help you avoid crowds or spending too much eating out.

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