Saturday, December 27, 2008

Dealing with Holiday Late Nights

Chances are, you're like me, sniffling from the cold and exhaustion of late nights and too many reunions, get-togethers and prolonged discussions at the dinner table. Too bad not all of us possess a nespresso machine for some quick pick-me-up. Then again, Starbucks is like a neighborhood convenience store in the city so we need not be deprived.

But really, any hot cocoa, coffee or tea will do.

Or better yet, make sure the short sleep you do get is of good quality, deprived of interruptions like a too-loud cellphone alerting you to text messages from friends partying the night away.

Make sure you eat healthy. Lots of fruits and vegetables instead of more sugar and carbs. And drink plenty of water. You need to keep hydrated especially if you've been drinking tea or coffee.

Most of all, take a nap wherever you can. Fifteen minutes of nap will do you a world of good especially in the middle of the day (say, before you eat lunch, while waiting for the food delivery)

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