Sunday, November 23, 2008

Watch How Much of What You Eat

This Holiday season, watch how much you eat of what, otherwise, you might have to also watch what you pop in your mouth as a consequence. Or quick fix-it.

It's the season for sweets and pastries and everything creamy and spiced with alcohol. It's the season for cured meats and pies and roasted game. Everywhere you go, you're sure to be following parties. From here onwards, every weekend will be occupied by some get-together or yearend reunion with friends over food and drinks. How else can one be merry if not dining and drinking with loved ones?

It's no myth. We gain weight during this time of the year. And sure, Orovo pills and the like may help in the end but a better attitude would be making sure we wouldn't have to depend on weight loss pills. So if you must indulge, do it in moderation. And make sure you already pay the price now for it by increasing your physical activities (like dancing at same party, instead of just sitting down; taking the stairs up and down; making love more; jogging; longer gym time; doing more housework; etc.)

We should also remember that all those calories don't only result in weight gain, they may also result in heart attacks or high blood pressure. So be mindful of your body as your spirit enjoys the season.

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