Sunday, November 02, 2008

Practical All Souls Day Tip

If you're like me, a Filipino who has braved the roads (heavy traffic in particular) and heat and crowds today to visit long departed beloveds, maybe it's really time to get off the bandwagon on this one and save ourselves the hassle.

And to be more practical and efficient about it, let's all consider visiting our dead AFTER All Souls Day (say, the nearest weekend after). Of course, you can also go before but after is more practical for several reasons.

Like first, flowers will be cheaper.

Secondly, your spruced up family tomb might just end up dirty anyway come All Souls Day as people visiting their dead will use it as stepping tool, seat, bed, table or garbage receptacle (whatever strikes their fancy). Unless you or your family can afford mausoleums, that is.

And third, remembering the love ones we've lost will be far easier if you don't have to compete for parking and do not have to deal with crowds or sidetracked by fast food stalls (I absolutely drooled for some Hongkong Fried Noodles at Manila Memorial this afternoon!).

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