Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Moving and Merging

One of the things soon-to-weds forget to anticipate is the moving and living together thing after the wedding. So, understandably enough, few get to research on moving services available to them until they're only a few weeks away from the wedding, and already superbly stressed with the wedding.

So make sure you include packing and moving costs in your wedding budget. The things that you know in your heart of hearts that you'll never use again, sell them in garage sales or on Ebay. Do not leave them in your family's home to continue occupying space (plus, if you leave to your parents the sifting through, they might end up throwing things that ARE precious to you). This way, you earn some extra bucks to buy something else for your new home.

In the Filipino culture, where most kids only leave home when they get married (sometimes, not even then), there may be few furniture and appliances you'll be bringing with you so you may not need a moving truck. But if you had your own place before and you and your spouse-to-be are living in a new place after the wedding, make sure you get professionals to help you.

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