Friday, November 14, 2008

Indulge...Not Overindulge

Sometimes, the prefix "over" can spell the difference between needing diet pills after the Holidays and not.

Let us be kind to ourselves. Let us feel free to indulge. The Holidays is the season for baked goodies anyway, so might as well help ourselves to a cookie or two. Plus, Christmas Ham doesn't really taste as delicious if eaten when it isn't Christmas.

Let us indulge.

But let us not overindulge. The Holidays, like pregnancy and a break-up, shouldn't become a scapegoat for our gluttony. Eating a little of everything may be fine, eating a lot of all that passes in front of you is not. Eating a slice of cake is fine, eating the whole cake is not. And eating a slice of cake after every meal is also not swell.

Moderation is the key. You'll find that when you know you can enjoy some of the party food, you're also less likely to feel such a tremendous need to eat a lot of it. We have such issues with forbidden fruits, so help yourself to a glazed apple. One a week won't kill you, anyway.

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