Sunday, November 09, 2008

Google Better

Today's generation is very Google-dependent. It's a quick fact and spell checker, a handy thesaurus and dictionary, a rich resource for formats and guidelines and standards.

But sometimes, because of the multitude of information out there, searching for what we want takes some time. We sometimes even have to weed out the really usable and interesting sites from the crappy ones. How then do we make sure we get more of the useful sites? It's what you type in that box that sometimes spell the difference between what's useful and not.

For example, you get 4,040,000 if you key in "hotel las vegas" but get 5,270,000 sites for "las vegas hotel" and 9,680,000 for "las vegas hotels". Plural forms and articles like "a, an, the" or other words like "in, about, at, etc" can broaden the scope and generate more sites. So stick to the basics as much as you can and try various combinations of phrases.

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