Friday, November 07, 2008

Blog Contest - Baby Carrier Giveaway

Got this from an e-mail and the prize is qite fetching, especially for infanticipating moms!

Add La Stella Blu to your favorite sites on your blog home page, and you will be entered to win a baby carrier of your choice or up to $75 in baby clothes or natural
toys. Even if you don't need one for yourself you can always give one to a
friend in need or hold a give away on your blog.

****** Please use Ellaroo for the text link and link to the url

You will remain entered as long as your link is current, may win multiple
times, and monthly drawings are held. I also just added a second drawing
so that everyone is guarenteed to win. A montly drawing is held for 3
pairs of BabyLegs and you are only eligible to win once.

An email will be sent to all participants to announce the winners. Send
an email to once your link is in place or for any

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