Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Year-end Vacation

Take advantage of the yearend Holidays and your Christmas bonus by investing on something no one can take away from you and which will revive you, and enrich your marriage or family as it allows for bonding time. I am talking, of course, of vacations and cruises you can take especially if you're a Filipino living in the Philippines. Why?

Because it would really be unwise of you not to take advantage of your leave credits and use them for the last week or so of the year. If you're lucky (or charming!), you can have around 10-12 days of vacation bliss if you time your leaves appropriately. Here's a hint: December 25 falls on a Thursday and December 26 has already been declared a non-working holiday (in exchange for December 24, I believe). December 30 is a Holiday too.

So do your research now and save for a great vacation to finish off the year. Am sure, nothing beats pondering the highlights and lowlights of the year that was while taking in the sun and sea somewhere.

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