Thursday, October 23, 2008

Eat Right

Before pouring over magazines and websites for diet pill reviews, make a list first of what you normally eat and crave for.

After doing so, identify which are healthy foods (those with actual nutrients) and which are actually just junk foods (no matter how 'fortified' or 'low fat' they claim to be). Replace the junk food with healthy food. Make this the first step to eating right and actually losing weight.

Do you crave chips for their crunch? Munch on cereals instead. Or nuts. Or fresh salads.

Love french fries? Cut potatoes in fry-sizes and bake them instead!

Love iced treats? Puree fruits instead and freeze, or make sorbets of them, or add them to yogurt.

Love sweets generally? Eat a lot of fruits and eat some dark chocolate instead (they're good for the heart too).

Use fruit jams/jellies or honey to sweeten desserts.

And make batches and batches of vegetable soup to eat with your meals. You can just reheat what you need for every mealtime and add fresh veggies and some meat to it. The soup will help you feel fuller sooner (aside from giving you that warm, comforted feeling that soups usually give to our tummies).

Keep at it over time and watch yourself start to lose weight brought about by too much fats, sodium and sugar in modern day eating. Then you can start to tone and lose more through exercise.

Good luck!

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