Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Cheaper Bikes and Accessories

Sure, we'd all love to own Harleys and have the money for Harley parts when our big bikes break down. But we don't always have the money for these branded stuff. And some things about big bikes do not always have to come branded. We can settle for cheaper stuff without sacrificing our safety and level of cool.

Head to the Raon area of Quiapo. Not only are bike parts sold there (even the brand-name ones), accessories like padded jackets and helmets also are. Even gloves. Get spare helmets cheap instead of letting your partner or friend or date ride without one. A good bargain is something that you KNOW (not HOPE) will protect you. The idea is to get the necessary stuff cheaper... not dirt-cheap. After all, you also get what you pay for and one should always pay a good price for anything affecting one's safety.

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