Thursday, October 30, 2008

Body Scrub for a Softer Skin

Intent on maintaining your youthful glow and super smooth skin? Have a complete body exfoliation in the hands of experts by getting a body scrub.

What to expect: a shower, a steam bath (to open those pores up) and then the body scrub itself. Expect arm pits and that area between your legs and magic region to be scrubbed as well. If you're not used to exfoliating or using body scrubs/sponges, this procedure might hurt. Or worse, ticklish.

And yes, you have to strip down to your birthday suit.

After the scrub, you'll have to shower again.

Costs vary from P700-1500, depending on where you go and what kind of scrub is used on you (basic salt scrub, tamarind, whitening, etc.).

The good thing about a body scrub is you also get a body massage of sorts, since the attendant will be scrubbing your entire body. Plus, it will get your circulation going so you'd really look glowing after.

Time special dates and meetings after, to capitalize on that glow!

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