Sunday, September 21, 2008

What of Sagging Tummies?

Sagging tummies are the bane of a mother's life post-partum. And if you had a CS delivery, you are hampered medically from doing the crunches that are the surest, non-surgical way of dealing with them.

But the truth is, breastfeeding, diet and exercise all help women get back to their pre-pregnancy weight. Going back to pre-pregnancy figures is a totally different thing. Some Moms who developed hips and tummies and breasts may never lose these anymore, but they don't have to look dumpy/frumpy at all either. If the three mentioned fail to make a Mom feeling good about her figure, then there are supplements and surgeries that she might want to consider.

Of course, those who are considering the use of fat burners are advised to go read whatever Lipovox review they can find first before taking them. Moms should mind any supplement they take, especially if they're still breastfeeding, as this might get passed onto their milk, or affect their supply.

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