Monday, September 01, 2008

Wedding Expo in Manila: Venue for Research

If you are engaged in the following businesses:
~ catering
~ jewelry
~ couture
~ desserts, cakes, baked goodies
~ events planning
~ flowers
~ stationery, printing
~ entertaiment, band, music
~ banking, credit, finance, insurance
~ real estate
~ travel & hospitality
~ photography/videography

Then you should really consider going, or sending representation/researcher, to the Wedding Expo happening this September 6-7 at the PICC Forum, CCP Complex. This is wear I saw an album where the bride wore UGG boots so it's really a great venue to see the trends in what people like, dig or spend on. Knowing that will help you expand your business, add more personal touch to it, come up with new gimmicks to attract more buyers or even strike up new partnerships.

Plus, the entrepreneur in you may come up with a more creative and efficient way to provide the same services, at a cheaper price too!

So pre-register now and see you there!

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