Wednesday, September 10, 2008

More on Applying for Passports

I have already blogged about getting a passport in Manila. However, I feel I should also expound on my experience when it was released.

The good news is that it wouldn't require lining up also, but it can give the impression of chaotic when you get to the releasing area. There are many windows there labelled with letters (supposedly for your surnames). I didn't see any posted notice anywhere about dropping my receipt at a box by the windows, except on the box by the windows (and I swear you can easily miss it). Anyway, that's what you have to do, drop your receipt in a box (windows A-D share the same box) and a clerk will just get the receipt from there and start looking for your passport.

Oh, and nowhere in their site nor the receipt they issue can you find an advisory that you need an authorization letter to get passports for somebody else. I know that's sort of standard procedure but since I can apply for my husband and kid's birth certificates, I assumed that their passports will be released to me too without needing an ID and authorization letter.

See, in a small sign by the windows, they say that no authorization letter and ID, no release... plus, only the parent who signed for the passport of a minor can get that minor's passport (unless he authorizes someone else too). Something that should have been clearly stated in their application forms as well, I think.

Anyway, good for me though, my husband's and son's passports were released to me even without an authorization letter. The clerk just used the passports as reference to verify the legitimacy of my person (it helped that I was also getting my passport).

Oh and the letters per window didn't help much. A clerk from Window C released ours, when our surname starts with A.


Others are raving about using Teleserv but people should note that they get their passports later with Teleserv or an agency than if they apply for one/renew theirs personally. Plus, they still have to go to DFA anyway and that would take around 30 minutes still when on a good day, you can have yours processed at just only a little longer than that at a cheaper price.

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