Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Manila Ocean Park

Manila Ocean Park is Philippines' first Oceanarium. The complex where its at is littered with so many restaurants already (North Park, Mrs. Fields, Ozeano, Starbucks, etc) that it's also a great area to go to for dining. For those who do not want to spend as much, you can always just buy from food stalls outside (waffles, popcorn, etc). No entrance fee required up to that point too.

Operating hours is 10 am-9 pm every weekday and 9 am-9 pm every weekend. I've heard it can get pretty crowded there but am not sure if that was only when it was newly-opened. We went into the Oceanarium after 5 pm though so that could also be a factor to the manageable crowd we were with.

At P400 per person (P350 for kids, free for kids 2 feet and below), with Manila-residents allowed a 10% discount (but you have to present an ID for each one to be discounted), it is steep for even the middle-class. But at that rate and considering everything you will get to see inside, it is actually worth it.

The tent outside the Oceanarium (where the restos are) is air-conditioned and most of the Oceanarium is too. Just be careful to hold onto your tykes for the dark parts of the park, where you can easily lose them, or they might get into accidents.

Flash isn't allowed in picture taking (but yes, some still don't follow... poor fishes). Basically, that affects animals and may affect their mating rituals, among other things.

the tent outside the Oceanarium as viewed from North Park resto

the crocodiles receiving a lot of coins thrown by wish-makers (tsk, tsk)

choco chip starfish that you're allowed to touch
but not remove from the water

touch screen instructional for those who want
more information on corals and fishes


giant spider crab, which requires very cold water so its window
gets misted/frosted

hello Nemo (clown fish)

fugly stone fish

rays that you can eat

creepy eels 'standing'

one of the bigger aquariums

they always seem to be smiling, don't they :)

while this shark ray reminds you of ghosts

the walkway where people choose to stay for eons of time
because of the great picture opportunities

science/activity area

the tanks at the upper level, where you can also
hang out for some sea breeze

or foot spa (at P120 per 20 minutes, the fish 'biting'
at you supposedly is therapeutic)

CR is nice, with super sensors for flushing that
may surprise you (as it did me) when you're not yet finished

Ozeano restaurant offers buffet at P600. Riding in glass-bottomed boats is also offered at the upper level for P150/pax. Stencil art can be enjoyed by your kids for P20 ea.

Of course, there is a gift shop too for overpriced souvenirs. You can also get a 3D something-something of you and a chosen background for P400.

Am just not sure if some of the areas which they used for a Bridal Expo (see below) can also be rented for parties aside from the sanctum behind the sharks, which can easily accommodate between 60-80 guests comfortably. Exclusive catering by The Manila Catering Services, however.

Like what I said, for the ticket price, it is actually worth it. But maybe you might want to bring kids who will really appreciate the aquariums. Then again, babies (less than a year old) enter free anyway and the ticket prices are sure to increase after they've added to the complex.


Unknown said...

Great review, sis! Very thorough. Love the pics too :)

bless said...

hi Mec!
got the link to this from PEx...
i am only too happy to know that you're a n@wie also :)

uhm, bdw i have to ask should i bring my umbroller?

-Bless (babes ni Marlon)

Chyng said...


Do you think our family can just dine at Ozeano without paying the entrance fee og MOP Oceanarium?


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