Thursday, September 25, 2008

Manila Ocean Park - venue for Photo Opps

Couples intending to wed are now paying prime pesos for pre-nuptial pictures, travelling to fancy locations like Sonya's Garden, or morbid ones (like a cemetery), or out-of-town (like Nayong Filipino) just to have those beautifully-shot pictures to put on AVPs and guest sheets.

It's also becoming a trend that couples get the services of a photographer to act as paparazzi to their dates. Even families have these, aside from photo opps of adorable kids.

Well, that's another thing Manila Ocean Park is good for. From the steps into the complex, the nearby Manila Bay, the multitude of restos in the area, as well as some choice areas in the Oceanarium itself (maybe even at the play area), all are good spots for Kodak moments. I'm guessing you just have to pay for the photographer's way as well... and yes, he'd have to mind the use of flash (but a really good one would know how to make use of available light).

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