Thursday, September 18, 2008

Christmas Shopping in Divi

Christmas Shopping in Divisoria can not only be done already, given that curtain and tablecloth fabrics with Christmas trees are even being sold in the steets and every Christmas trimming and hanging and lighting abound, but it's also best done asap.

As in this September, before the Christmas rush makes the streets and aisles unmanageable and hard to navigate, and prices have already soared.

Gadget-freaks need not fret that there might not be anything for them, because stalls for cellphones and ipods and imitation-gadgets can be found in the middle of all those clothes and gift items and decor.

And if you're still not in on it, Wednesday is the best time to go there because it's least cluttered by shoppers on this day, some being at Baclaran instead.

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