Sunday, September 21, 2008

Christmas Gift to Yourself

Maybe, like the rest os us mere mortals, you're checking out the latest bags, shoes and gadgets and wondering what to give yourself as a Christmas treat this coming December (and bonus time).

May I make an unusual suggestion?

How about giving yourself a term life insurance instead? Or a pension plan? Or a retirement plan? Or to appeal to the morbid, how about funeral/funeral services plan?

Granted that AIG must have brought worries to your door and insurance plans are the last thing you're really considering on using your money for, but these types of pre-need plans are still good investments, so long as you invest on reputable companies. And they're really good long-term investments for yourself, are sure to give you a more wonderful feeling than the latest cellphone model that's out in the market, and will also afford you some peace of mind.

Just read the fine print and do your research... invest on yourself!

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