Thursday, September 18, 2008

Beauty Preparation for the Big Day

At least six months before your intended wedding day, you should already start with your beauty treatments and preparation.

Want better pictures? Attend to your pores through microdermabrasion. Start getting acne treatments so you'd have peeled and healed already by the time your make-up artist has to air-brush makeup on you. Get facials regularly. Start using those whitening products. But if you're hoping to lighten your skin using glutathione supplements, you should start much earlier because they say you only really begin to lighten after six months of continued use. Still, others say oral glutathione also helps rid of minor blemishes and acne.

Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize. If you have the money, invest on body butter for deep moisturizing. If you have the vigilance, exfoliate by using salt scrubs weekly. Or get a body scrub at least once a month.

Avoid the sun and drink plenty of water (not sugared beverages). And get enough rest and sleep. Of course, the right diet facilitates a rosy glow, so make sure you eat more fruits and vegetables and less junk and fast food. And yes, exercise always helps.

One other thing... smile! Frowning a lot takes away from a pretty face any day.

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