Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TV Furniture

Nesting is a wonderful thing, especially if it's your first home and you have the means to furnish and decorate it.

TV sets are usually one of the first things people buy for or bring in their new home. So it's inevitable that we will invest on tv furniture, no matter how basic this will be.

Of course, the TV stand can range from just a small stand/table to a small shelf to an actual cabinet. Home entertainment systems can even require a complete wall of shelves and wood paneling. But just in case you're only starting out, a stand or table that's either at eye level or slightly lower when you're sitting down should suffice. That gives you around 12-24 inches to work with. And you would also need a rack or two, or small shelves, to accommodate speakers, dvd players and CDs/DVDs. And the remote control, for when the TV is turned off.

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