Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Recipes as Giveaways

Feeling stumped for something for souvenir ideas for your upcoming party? Why not a favorite recipe instead?

Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, recipes are nice giveaways. You can print it many different ways, as a magazine layout or bookmark or recipe card, or as a postcard (whether the picture is of your wedding venue or honeymoon destination or where you met) or a scroll.

For example, you had pizza on your first date and are getting married in Tagaytay. You then find a recipe for pizza juxtaposed with a lovely scenery in Tagaytay and duly captioned as to why. To incorporate family history, give away the recipe of your father's guinataang alimasag and your lola's lasagna!

And if you have extra moolah, you can present the recipe in a mug, jug, bowl or plate. Look for cheap miniatures. A recipe for the best cocoa drink in a mug, sorbet in a flute, soup in a bowl, secret sauces in saucers, cocktails in pitchers... list is endless!

For baptisms, you can use pictures of where you think the baby was conceived (easy for honeymoon babies). For birthdays, you can use a picture of the baby's first feeding.

If you have many recipes and pictures you want to use, give away a calendar of these!

And yes, this is also a perfect, very personal gift idea for special occasions like the Holidays...

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