Saturday, August 09, 2008

Pregnancy and Skin Problems

Since women's hormones tend to go on overdrive during pregnancy, resulting in shinier, more manageable hair and glowing skin (if you're lucky) or acne and rashes and dark spots and warts and falling hair (if you're unlucky), expecting moms sometimes really find themselves with one more reason to be stressed.

The good news is, you can treat your acne while you're pregnant. The bad news is, it does pose challenges for the infanticipating woman.

Make sure you consult with your OB and dermatologist, especially if you intend (or want) to use acne cream on your zitty problems. But other than topical remedies, do try home remedies as well that are not only good for people in general, but a must for pregnant women specifically.

I am talking, of course, about getting eanough sleep and eating the right diet and hydrating well. Plus, you really need to hydrate so your skin won't get drier than it normally would so you can help minimize the stretch marks you're going to get later on.

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