Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Pigeon's Service Center

If you bought a Pigeon breast pump, but didn't get the service center details for it before, but need that information now because your pump is broken or, like me, you've burnt your pump accessories, then here it is.

# 26 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tell. #: 732-5141

Other notes in dealing with them:
1) Tell the operator if you're requiring repair or replacement because receipt of items to be repaired is centralized to only one person.
2) If you need part replacements, just ask to be directed to "baby products"
3) Their office is located inside the compound of Goodyear along Quezon Ave. It's just immediately past Tuazon St. if you're coming from Manila/UST area.
4) There isn't a stop light anywhere near their office so be prepared to cross the busy road dodging fast cars.
5) They also have other items on sale there. I saw a lot of Barbie stuff plus other toys. Not sure if they sell big-ticket baby items like strollers, but am sure you can always ask. You can ask for SALES SCHEDULES as well so you can buy the products they trade at lower prices.

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