Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresh Carabao Milk

Does Anoretix work? It seems to have received nothing but positive reviews from almost every single fat burner reviewer.

Still, whether its by pill or through exercise or both that you're trying to lose weight, one should do well to remember to still eat right. And as you shed those pounds away, make sure you don't forget your bones. Few people know that weight loss affects bone density so its really important that you get enough calcium to protect your bones.

One good source of calcium is fresh carabao milk. What's more, it has even been found to help fight tumors. The taste could get some getting used to, however, because it's really rich and might give you the feeling that you're drinking butter instead.

Fresh carabao milk is more expensive though. And its really best that it is consumed within a day or two from opening a bottle. Storing it in your chiller will also help so that the constant opening of your fridge won't affect its temperature and expedite it going bad.

Good thing for Manila folks, it can now be bought in most malls, as stalls have sprouted for this kind of milk. They're even offered in chocolate flavor! But for those who want a regular supply or order in bulk, you may turn to farmers from Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Bo. Patutong Malaki, South, tagaytay City
Contact No. - 0918-3048721

And yes, whenever you buy carabao milk, you help support our many farmers and their families.

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