Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Everyone should hold a spring cleaning of sorts in their homes. It's a must to keep clutter away. Also, it's another way to see what things you haven't used (and is therefore wasting), what things you will never use, and what things you should really give away or sell.

De-cluttering gives you the space you also need for things you actually use and need. Feel free to use big plastic chests for storing your junk, even moving boxes. Just properly label everything. Sort the things as you go through them, especially those you think still have some market value in garage sales (fyi, even old magazines and books sell pretty fast).

If you can afford to be a little more OC, list the things you put in a chest or box and tape it outside for easy reference.

If you commit to doing this twice a year, or once at least, your mountain of garbage junk will never reach unmanageable proportions. And you'd always have space for new things you buy.

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