Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Consider Wilmington

My friend from the US told me that real estate is starting to pick up already over there. Granted, there is a recession going on, but demands for certain professions (like nurses and teachers) are still at an all-time high.

So even if Starbucks and Mrs. Fields are closing shops and filing for bankruptcy, Filipinos looking to build a life for themselves in the land of milk and honey are still welcome to try. Those who don't think they can handle the competition of fellow Filipinos in California can look for opportunties in other states, like Virginia, Florida and North Carolina.

And those who couldn't afford their own homes before should do well to take advantage of the still competive market right now. Wilmington NC real estate companies, for example, will be more than eager to show prospective buyers around to properties that will fit their budget. Of course, they just have to remember that location spells the difference for a home's affordability. In California, for example, a $600,000 home in the city will only be a small-sized loft in an old apartment building but can be an actual house with a yard if its located in the outskirts. beach-front homes, of course, no matter how small, will require millions of dollars.

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