Saturday, August 30, 2008

Dramatize Your Photos

Dramatize your photos by printing them with fancy, whimsical frames. You don't really need to digiscrap and Photoshop them so much, just use some frames as accents. Frames need not be the usual boxes too, brush fluorishes, flowers and some words/wordart may do as well.

Take a leaf from Beth Nixon, or download her freebies, and then start printing those pictures.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Harry Potter: See You Next Year

For the meantime, forget all those plans of watching the latest Harry Potter movie (Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince) in IMAX or arranging for home theater seating. What was expected to come out in November has been postponed till next year.

Warner Bros. is saying that they want to take advantage of summer moviegoers (which will basically mean bigger box office earnings, however initially).

This is a hard blow for Harry Potter fans, for sure, since most have been feeling a little lost and deprived after the last installation of the Harry Potter's books was published last year.

At least, HP fans still have something to look forward to: publication of The Tales of Beedle the Bard this December.

Gift Idea: Think Leather

Attending a wedding? Thinking of a graduation gift? What to give to your boyfriend if he passes the Bar Exams this September?

Think leather! Check out Johnston and Murphy Leather Accessories and get lost with all the possibilities. Laptop cases and backpacks are big these days since students from middle-class families usually cart one (what with the Asus eee Pc and the Astone one being very affordable already) around and make use of free WiFi spots in malls.

Luggage sets will also be more than welcome as a wedding gift as newlyweds always hope to do much travelling after, starting with their honeymoon. We like travelling in class, after all, even if we're taking advantage of promo fares.

Of course, wallets with money are also always a welcome gift, for any occasion.

Modern Lends More Space

With space becoming a premium nowadays especially for those living in the city, we really must make every inch count.

And packing your house with a lot of things will only just be a fire hazard waiting to happen, or will, at least, invite more accidents and dust.

Streamlined space is key. And modern furnishings offer this with their clean lines, allowing for more room to breathe, literally. Carefully chosen decor instead of many varieties of the same is in, bulky pieces is out. A plasma stand is becoming more and more preferable than a whole cabinet for a TV.

And no, modern decor doesn't always have to look Zen-inspired (though there is nothing wrong with that). But with much more thought, decorating our homes need not mean running out of floor space to walk on.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

TV Furniture

Nesting is a wonderful thing, especially if it's your first home and you have the means to furnish and decorate it.

TV sets are usually one of the first things people buy for or bring in their new home. So it's inevitable that we will invest on tv furniture, no matter how basic this will be.

Of course, the TV stand can range from just a small stand/table to a small shelf to an actual cabinet. Home entertainment systems can even require a complete wall of shelves and wood paneling. But just in case you're only starting out, a stand or table that's either at eye level or slightly lower when you're sitting down should suffice. That gives you around 12-24 inches to work with. And you would also need a rack or two, or small shelves, to accommodate speakers, dvd players and CDs/DVDs. And the remote control, for when the TV is turned off.

Health Investments: Medical Apparatus/Aids

Say, you have extra cash and want to invest in some medical apparatus for your home. Aside from having a First-Aid Kit and thermometer (digital ear if there are babies/kids), two other things that I think are good investments are a humidifier/nebulizer and a blood pressure monitor.

Humidifiers or nebulizers can help with colds or allergy attacks. Plus, they're easier to do than steam inhalate, which poses a great risk of scalding especially when the sick one in question is a bucking child.

A BP monitor, on the other hand, will come in handy if you're regularly exercising, are pregnant, are obese, or have a history of heart/cholesterol problems in the family. They're also advisable to have around for people in their 40s, since tendencies for hypertension increase around this time.

Maximize Your Bags

Making sure we get the most out of our bags (luggage and otherwise) mean several things.

Using them with care is first and foremost. Overloading and packing them with stuff won't simply do.

Storing them with care is another. Bags should have a place of their own for storage, where they won't be cramped and packed so tight, they'd lose their shape or get wrinkled. And they should be stored in an area where they won't be exposed directly to the sun's rays, otherwise, the leather will cook and crack in no time.

Indeed, where bags are concerned, less sun is more.

So before heading to Briggs and Riley for your travelware, make sure first that you have sufficient space to store your luggage in. Maybe you can de-clutter your home first before shopping.

Pens as Exhibit Souvenirs

Gearing up for an exhibit and at a loss on what to give away? Consider usable ones over cute, non-usable ones any day.

Sure, pens and mugs may seem already boring and every possible exhibit booth give these away. But those who do get it are sure to use them, so your adverts in that cup wouldn't be wasted. Besides, you can make those promotional pens funky, cool, hip, attractive and all kinds of interesting anyway.


Get those that offer two to three color inks. Get those that can be used as laser pointers or mini flashlights as well. Get the scented ones, or those that write in gel-type inks (or even those that are in out-of-this world color like silver or gold). Of course, people are still more likely to use black-colored ballpens so you might want to just stick with the old and trusted.

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Nayong Filipino

Nayong Filipino in Pasay is no more. It has been transferred to Clark Field, Pampanga already and is now not yet charging entrance fees. It doesn't look like anything like the old one, it looks more like a pasyalan village, perfect for photo opps and picnics.

I believe they're still building on it, with so much more attractions and structures to follow.

And I don't think there are public transports one can take to go there, so you must really hire one or go in your private vehicle. It's also close to Paradise Ranch Resort so you might want to visit both places while you're in the area.

Some of what you can already see there include:

They allow weddings in the quaint Chapel inside the park, just not sure if you can also hold your reception there.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Online Writers and Bloggers

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How to apply
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Complete the online application by uploading your resume, writings samples, any other information.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Freebies for Moms

I have chanced upon this wonderful blog of freebies (quickpages and wordart) of a generous Mom that's just perfect for those other moms documenting their babies anything and everything.

Ellie's Angels CT Blog. Add it to your favorites. And always leave her some love.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

Getting a Passport in Manila

The good news is that DFA has come a long way in improving the passport application/renewal process. Now, they even offer a pick-up service for those who literally abhor lines. But at almost triple the price, I find that very impractical since you don't have to wait in line for half a day (or more) anymore with the measures they've implemented.

But first, go get a schedule/appointment first, which you can do in two ways.

First, you can download, print and fill-up their forms already and go to DFA Manila. Proceed to the covered court at the right side of Gate 2. Photocopy your accomplished form and fall in line for a stub with your schedule on it (date and time to return for the actual processing). Or you can just go to their website and click on a small icon at the left side to apply for an appointment. However, they sometimes take their time in replying. And their system may have glitches or what because my husband applied online for all three of us, but only received two appointment letters through e-mail.

And if you haven't gotten your appointment letter yet, do not bother to go. They're pretty strict with that because they really only process those who were scheduled for that day. All windows have a master list for each day.

But... if you do have an appointment for that day, the processing will really only take an hour. You still have to fall in line, but since there are already so many processors at each stage, it's not anymore the bothersome, annoying endeavor it once was.

Oh, do take note of the guidelines for the pictures. We had our pics taken at Great Image, which proved really unnecessary. We could have really just gotten our pics taken in one of the many studios around the DFA complex, and that would have been cheaper. Just make sure you wear a decent attire with a collar, and your top isn't white and your background is royal blue. (actually, most photo stalls even photoshop pics to give you a coat or blazer if you're only wearing a shirt)

Then again, minors (below 18 yrs old) need not be present so you'd have to have their pics taken somewhere else. Any parent can just sign for the child, but if the child's status is illegitimate, only the mother (or maybe legal guardian) can do so.

Regular processing costs P500. Overtime (meaning you can get it in a week's time) would cost P250 more.

What to do in Hong Kong

I know there's already Disneyland there, plus Ocean Park and Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum... plus all the streets catering to sports, gadgets, clothes, etc.

But just in case you're thinking of what else to do in Hong Kong, you might want to bring out the inner child in you again and go spend a half day (or whole) in one of its museums (or two).

One such museum that is a must-visit is Hong Kong's Science Museum. I like to believe am no geek but you could easily lose yourself in all the things they have there that's educational, amazing and just plain mind-boggling.

They even have this one area where there are just all these puzzles for you to work on. You'd just really feel like a kid making all these new discoveries! What's more, you're not going to be graded so no pressure to perform well.

Friday, August 22, 2008

Wedding Expo - September 2008

An "Everything I Need" CD with Minus One and Other Exciting Freebies Await Soon-to-weds at the Wedding Expo happening this September 6-7, 2008 at the PICC Forum, CCP Complex. All the suppliers you need will be exhibiting, so even if you don't get them (or can't afford them), you'd still have priceless inputs to add to your planner.

Not only will resource materials like bridal magazines be for sale, you can also buy unity cord, candles and coins there plus other wedding paraphernalia and accessories you need. The photography studios will also be showcasing their best albums so you can be guided as to what type of pictures and album layout you want.

Even the gowns will give you great ideas, and you can usually sample the cakes and chocolate fountains. Yum!

And yes, there are raffles going on, and exhbitors offer more freebies with their packages when you book them at the expo. So pre-register now for free admission!


I love wedding expos so much... I went to three before getting wed, and to two more after being wed. And not just because am a sucker for free tastings! :)

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Cheaper Diapers - Part Two

For those looking for cloth-like covered diapers, of tried and tested brands, there is another multiply seller that you might want to hook up with. Bizshonato does meet-ups in the following areas:

~ Eastwood
~ Gateway
~ Farmers Cubao
~ Munoz
~ SM Southmall and other areas in the south (EVERY 2 WEEKS)

Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Everyone should hold a spring cleaning of sorts in their homes. It's a must to keep clutter away. Also, it's another way to see what things you haven't used (and is therefore wasting), what things you will never use, and what things you should really give away or sell.

De-cluttering gives you the space you also need for things you actually use and need. Feel free to use big plastic chests for storing your junk, even moving boxes. Just properly label everything. Sort the things as you go through them, especially those you think still have some market value in garage sales (fyi, even old magazines and books sell pretty fast).

If you can afford to be a little more OC, list the things you put in a chest or box and tape it outside for easy reference.

If you commit to doing this twice a year, or once at least, your mountain of garbage junk will never reach unmanageable proportions. And you'd always have space for new things you buy.

Preparing for A Climb

I know it's really rainy the past weeks so climbing mountains isn't really a good idea. But now is also the perfect time to prepare for such a climb.

If there's enough sun, running/jogging is a perfect cardio workout to get your heart pumping. If you have to stay indoors, however, hitting the treadmill or exercising with a jumping rope will do the trick for you.

Of course, weights will help tone your muscles (and would come in handy in case you have some rope-climbing/bouldering to do) and lunges will help keep cramps away.

It is also very important to exercise regularly and challenge yourself continuously by, say, increasing the speed or incline in your treadmill, or doing more laps around an oval. This way, you increase the chances of actually enjoying your climb instead of panting and gasping for breath at the end of the pack.

Casa Leonida

Casa Leonida is located in Calamba, Laguna. For P12,000, you get to rent the venue for 24 hours. It comes with use of big pool and kiddie pool (hot springs), three air-conditioned rooms (with at least three double beds each plus extra mattresses), all rooms have cable TV, two sets of CR/shower room for men and women, videoke machine, pool table, and a fully-equipped kitchen (so you really just need to bring the food you want to cook because they even have big pots there).

Not a bad price for all that, really.

Plus, there are enough chairs and spaces for lounging. I'm guessing, if you rearrange the furniture a little, there's even enough room for some weight equipment.

Some updates on the directions provided by the site:
1) Bato-Bato is already called Sta. Lucia Springs (?) so if you look for Bato-Bato, you will reach Max's and would have to turn back;
2) Look for Binalot Restaurant instead, because the entrance to Solemar Subdivision is just in front it (and yes, the arch is missing an 'S' so you'll only see Olemar)

There's only enough parking inside for three big cars.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Fresh Carabao Milk

Does Anoretix work? It seems to have received nothing but positive reviews from almost every single fat burner reviewer.

Still, whether its by pill or through exercise or both that you're trying to lose weight, one should do well to remember to still eat right. And as you shed those pounds away, make sure you don't forget your bones. Few people know that weight loss affects bone density so its really important that you get enough calcium to protect your bones.

One good source of calcium is fresh carabao milk. What's more, it has even been found to help fight tumors. The taste could get some getting used to, however, because it's really rich and might give you the feeling that you're drinking butter instead.

Fresh carabao milk is more expensive though. And its really best that it is consumed within a day or two from opening a bottle. Storing it in your chiller will also help so that the constant opening of your fridge won't affect its temperature and expedite it going bad.

Good thing for Manila folks, it can now be bought in most malls, as stalls have sprouted for this kind of milk. They're even offered in chocolate flavor! But for those who want a regular supply or order in bulk, you may turn to farmers from Tagaytay.

Tagaytay Dairy Multi-Purpose Cooperative
Bo. Patutong Malaki, South, tagaytay City
Contact No. - 0918-3048721

And yes, whenever you buy carabao milk, you help support our many farmers and their families.

Pigeon's Service Center

If you bought a Pigeon breast pump, but didn't get the service center details for it before, but need that information now because your pump is broken or, like me, you've burnt your pump accessories, then here it is.

# 26 Quezon Avenue, Quezon City
Tell. #: 732-5141

Other notes in dealing with them:
1) Tell the operator if you're requiring repair or replacement because receipt of items to be repaired is centralized to only one person.
2) If you need part replacements, just ask to be directed to "baby products"
3) Their office is located inside the compound of Goodyear along Quezon Ave. It's just immediately past Tuazon St. if you're coming from Manila/UST area.
4) There isn't a stop light anywhere near their office so be prepared to cross the busy road dodging fast cars.
5) They also have other items on sale there. I saw a lot of Barbie stuff plus other toys. Not sure if they sell big-ticket baby items like strollers, but am sure you can always ask. You can ask for SALES SCHEDULES as well so you can buy the products they trade at lower prices.

Consider Wilmington

My friend from the US told me that real estate is starting to pick up already over there. Granted, there is a recession going on, but demands for certain professions (like nurses and teachers) are still at an all-time high.

So even if Starbucks and Mrs. Fields are closing shops and filing for bankruptcy, Filipinos looking to build a life for themselves in the land of milk and honey are still welcome to try. Those who don't think they can handle the competition of fellow Filipinos in California can look for opportunties in other states, like Virginia, Florida and North Carolina.

And those who couldn't afford their own homes before should do well to take advantage of the still competive market right now. Wilmington NC real estate companies, for example, will be more than eager to show prospective buyers around to properties that will fit their budget. Of course, they just have to remember that location spells the difference for a home's affordability. In California, for example, a $600,000 home in the city will only be a small-sized loft in an old apartment building but can be an actual house with a yard if its located in the outskirts. beach-front homes, of course, no matter how small, will require millions of dollars.

Sober Club Mobile Bar

If you're looking for ways to up the ante in your party (even your wedding party), you might consider getting the services of a mobile bar. And Sober Club's mobile bar has been tried and tested by friends so I really highly recommend them.

And the M5 is a hit... just watch how much of it you drink though because it can be very underhanded, and you might have a royal hangover the following day instead. And we all know, looking hung over can be worse than having acne.

Posh Baby Halloween Photo Contest

Contest Requirements:

Pictures of kids ages 0 - 10.
Purchase of at least P250 of Posh Baby products.
Contest Mechanics:

Submit a photo of your baby ( at least 500kb) in his/her cutest halloween costume ever!

Email all entries to including baby's name, parent's name, age, location, contact numbers and baby's birthdate. Names of winners will be posted here and will be notified through mail as well.

Contest Prizes:

All entries will be posted on our Magazine Album however only 2 will be chosen as winners, a boy and a girl. Contest prizes will be posted this week so watch out for it.

Contest Period:

August 8 - September 30, 2008

Posh Baby Site

Pan de Amerikana

Pan de Amerikana's appeal is its pan de sal made with wheat bread (as it was, orginally) and in its orginal size too plus other comforting goodies like ensaymada and hot cocoa. The food there is actually cheap, considering the ambiance of the place.

However, because it is a covered outdoor dining place, it can get pretty humid there. And ensaymadas sell pretty fast and they only bake them at specific times so if they're already available, really grab them while they're hot!

And the place fills pretty much during meal times on weekends. It seems to be a favorite dining place of families. It also offers free wi-fi! :)

the menu

you'd see lots of inspirational little bits around the place

you can borrow a chess set while eating/hanging out there, you just have to leave your ID at the counter

there is enough space for a barkada meal

if you can have command of it, you can even play on a life-size chess set. the place is also great for photo opps

the pan de sal (with tuna spread)

bangus sisig (must-try!)

Directions to go there:
1) Coming from Sta Mesa/Cubao area, take Aurora blvd
2) After passing under th e Kapitunan flyover, keep left and take the flyover going to Marikina (The right most lanes will take you to Marcos Highway/Sta Lucia Mall)
3) The flyover will lead to A. Bonifacio Avenue
4) Continue on A. Bonifacio until the Marikina bridge
5) Stay on the left most lane of the Marikina bridge.
6) Immediately after crossing the bridge, make a left to J.P. Rizal (private vehicles are allowed to make a left turn. You should see a two storey building with a Billiards place, resto-bar and some other shops on your left)
7) Continue on J.P. Rizal until you reach Bayan bayanan avenue (you will see a Petron station on your left)
8) Make a right on Bayan bayanan avenue
9) Cross the stop light (there will be a church on your left before the stop light)
10) Continue on Bayan bayanan avenue until you get to General Ordoñez St. (SW Molave) There will be a 7-eleven and Jollibee on your left. There will also be a Shell gas station on your right.
11) Make a right on General Ordonez (just before the Shell gas station)
12) Drive straight and cross the intersection (Katipunan)
13) Continue to drive until you see Pan de Amerikana on your right

Oh, and I dunno if they're ending it on August 17 or extending it, but the resto is having a contest, with a $1000 prize at stake!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

World of Butterflies, Marikina

You have to hand it to the Fernandos. They are so bent on showcasing everything Marikina has to offer and boosting its people's morale that they're setting up every possible museum of sorts they can think of.

One such place is The World of Butterflies... aka Butterfly Sanctuary. I believe it only contains some 20 different species of butterflies. But the place can be used for parties (children's) or wedding receptions, especially the garden area which is covered and can easily accommodate 200+ guests. Their indoor venue can only accommodate 60 pax but it's air-conditioned.

Entrance for non-Marikina residents visiting the place is P30, I believe (P20 for residents).

The rates are pretty affordable too.

It is located in the same area as Pan de Amerikana.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Chicken Sandwich Spread

2 chicken breasts (cooked by boiling with 1/3 Knorr chicken cubes and lots of onions, and some salt if you like it saltier); minced/chopped/flaked/cubed
1/2 cup ham (or Spam, yummy! optional tho)
salt and pepper to taste
around 1 cup of Mayo (I use Kraft Mayo)
2 tbsp crushed pickles
1 tbsp pickle juice (or lemon or calamansi juice)

Mix everything. Season to taste. Feel free to add more mayo to extend the recipe.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Pefect Blend of Friendship Award

Awarded to me by Mommyba

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Tagging Jammy, Jean and Haze

Diapers, oh, Diapers

So as not to re-post it, I just blogged about diapers in my other blog. And hopefully, Huggies Dry Comfort has really changed their design (center) because it is really cuter.

Some Moms I know buy in Divisoria. I don't know where exactly but they supposedly get these at factory prices... they even get other variants from abroad there. Some will even offer delivery (like Mom Massage's Dial-A-Diaper service).

TOMS Shoes

Looking to accessorize your baby while simultaneously contributing to a good cause as well? Then buy your boy some TOMS Shoes. For every pair you buy, another pair is donated to children in Argentina and South Africa.

They also sell men and women's pairs and the styles are actually cute. The shoes also look very comfy.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Glucophage and Weight Loss

For the many women who are wondering why they keep adding on the pounds despite eating healthy and regular exercise, polycystic ovarian syndrome (PCOS) may be the problem. And if one has been diagnosed to indeed have PCOS, weight loss pills may come in the form of diabetic drugs like Metformin.

Glucophage aids weight loss by lowering insulin levels, a rise of which makes you hungrier and leads you to manufacturing more fats (as well as storing them in your belly).

So if you've been struggling with weight loss for sometime now, despite your best efforts, consult your OB. You just might have PCOS. If you do, then weight management may get easier once you're taking the necessary drugs for it.

Handling Telemarketers

I know.

Most of us probably don't know how strangers literally get our phone numbers and contact info to offer promotional products like vacation packages, insurance or credit card services. Chances are, they got it from some random thing we filled up at the grocery.

So to avoid them, we have to start by making sure the forms we fill out are stamped with something that says, "The information you share is safe with us and won't be given out to any other entity."

And then, when some do come calling, be polite and firm in saying that you're not interested and will appreciate your information not being kept for future reference, what more forwarded for other promos. I repeat, be polite but firm. After all, they're only doing their job and their job is to call people and try selling them things and services online. If anybody gets rude or obnoxious, however, make sure to get his/her name and where he/she reports so you can properly complain about them.

And yes, blogging or e-mailing people about the incident does sometimes get their attention. But only sometimes.

And don't share friends' names and contact info if you're not sure they will appreciate it. The least you can do is ask a friend first if he/che can be bothered by such calls.

Quick Corn and Cucumber Salad

1 can of corn kernels
2 cups of chopped cucumber (seeded)
salt and pepper to taste
some mayo
some milk

(note: the creamier the mayo and milk, the better)

Just mix everything and season to taste. Chill in the fridge and only take it out when ready to serve.

Feel free to either add more corn or more cucumber, depending on your preference.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Company-Issued Laptops

A recent thing i've always vaguely known is that company-issued laptops, or any computer/gadget for that matter, is really the company's. Which is why, even if we use it at home surfing the web using our own internet connection, it's still the company's property. So yes, the company has a right to inspect it at will, and ban certain programs from being installed (like Yahoo Messenger). And yes, companies have the right to go berserk when they find out that you've installed programs using pirated or hacked licenses.

After all, it will be their necks on the line if they, in turn, get audited/found out.

What I have never fully appreciated though is the fact that we do put our companies at risk of security threats when we use our computers to download stuff from the net, or when we visit unsafe sites (like porn sites). After all, we might have really important files in our computers that when hacked, may be used to the detriment of the company. It could even be a way for people to get to the business performance management software you're currently developing, or use your license number to install their hacked versions.

And keeping really personal files in company-issued laptops also might result in hackers posting your incriminating pictures/video with enough details to identify you, your company and your position.

I have actually been at the receiving end of indecent proposals from people who used their company e-mail to send those, complete with their contact information. Had I been crazy, I could have gone to their bosses and gotten them in trouble.

So, treat company-issued anything as an office space, something you don't want to mix with your persnal endeavors.

Travelling this Holidays?

Better get a move on with your travel plans now. Booking Holiday itineraries can prove tough when left too late, and more expensive too, considering that they're already more expensive to start with since you'd be competing with foreigners from abroad trying to get away from harsh winters, and Philippine honeymooners.

So iron out your flight details, buy some travel insurance, make babysitting plans if you're not bringing your tots with you and start saving for shopping and souvenir buys!

Saturday, August 09, 2008

Thinking of buying a DSLR

People are starting to think that DSLR cameras are the must-have cams of today, even if they're not really photography buffs. It's just that DSLRs are becoming more and more affordable and are being made with more and more preset modes.

But, here are some things you should consider before buying one:

1) The bulk. It's not just heavy, it's really bulky. And it will require a special bag.

2) A bag which will probably cost more than your laptop bag.

3) Plus, you have to choose the brand you really want because you will be investing on more accessories for that brand. Filters and lenses and service centers are must-considerations.

4) The cost might already buy you three cams, a compact one, a prosumer one (like the Canon s5 IS) and an underwater cam (that's good for about 7 feet deep).

5) DSLRs require memory investments in the form of extra memory sticks/SD or CF Cards and actual hard disk space because the files are huge. Even the lowest, grainiest setting will result in megabytes eaten up.

6) Plus, you'd also have to invest on rechargeable batteries and chargers.

7) And if you don't have any plans of reading the manual and will just use it as a point-and-shoot, then it's really a heavy toy to be lugging around.

8) And if you're used to digicams already where you don't even use the viewfinder anymore, you will have to relearn not just using that small peephole once again, but also learn adjusting the lens to focus on your subjects (again, unless you're going to use it as a point-and-shoot).

I suggest, before investing in one, master the camera you have first. That will guide you to find out the limitations you don't like, what you're really looking for in a new cam, etc.

And yes, like any other hobby (even golf, where you run away with investments on the right outfits, shoes and some Callaway golf clubs), buying a DSLR for your photography passion is only the first spending step. More is to come, which is why you should be smart about what you invest on.

Pregnancy and Skin Problems

Since women's hormones tend to go on overdrive during pregnancy, resulting in shinier, more manageable hair and glowing skin (if you're lucky) or acne and rashes and dark spots and warts and falling hair (if you're unlucky), expecting moms sometimes really find themselves with one more reason to be stressed.

The good news is, you can treat your acne while you're pregnant. The bad news is, it does pose challenges for the infanticipating woman.

Make sure you consult with your OB and dermatologist, especially if you intend (or want) to use acne cream on your zitty problems. But other than topical remedies, do try home remedies as well that are not only good for people in general, but a must for pregnant women specifically.

I am talking, of course, about getting eanough sleep and eating the right diet and hydrating well. Plus, you really need to hydrate so your skin won't get drier than it normally would so you can help minimize the stretch marks you're going to get later on.

Creamy Carbonara

I like to call my recipes no-brainer ones because they're really just chop and mix types... they tend to be on the rich side, however.

500 gms. pasta
250 ml Nestle Cream
1 1/2 cup Carnation Evap Milk
250 gms. CDO Sweet Ham (cut into half-inch squares)
1/4 bar, butter
250 gms. grated Eden cheese
salt and pepper to taste
1 small can button mushrooms (drained)
crunchy bacon bits (optional)
chopped green bell pepper (optional)

Cook pasta according tp package instructions. Set aside.

Heat butter and saute ham (if using bacon, use some of the bacon fat instead). Add the mushrooms. Add the green bell pepper. Add the milk and cream. Stir until the mixture boils. Add half of the grated cheese and continue stirring while seasoning the creamy mixture according to taste.

Add the pasta and mix well. Top everything with bacon bits and remaining cheese.

* Note that cheese will absorb the liquid in the sauce; when reheating, you can either add some water or more milk to the pasta
* You can also use some chopped red bell pepper

Friday, August 08, 2008

Honeyed Toast

wheat bread
some butter
some honey

(amount of butter and honey will depend on the number of toasts you want to make, how thick, sweet or butter-y you like your spread)

Mash some butter and add honey to it. Spread on wheat bread. Toast between 3-4 minutes (or how crispy you like your toast)

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Recipes as Giveaways

Feeling stumped for something for souvenir ideas for your upcoming party? Why not a favorite recipe instead?

Whether you love to cook or just love to eat, recipes are nice giveaways. You can print it many different ways, as a magazine layout or bookmark or recipe card, or as a postcard (whether the picture is of your wedding venue or honeymoon destination or where you met) or a scroll.

For example, you had pizza on your first date and are getting married in Tagaytay. You then find a recipe for pizza juxtaposed with a lovely scenery in Tagaytay and duly captioned as to why. To incorporate family history, give away the recipe of your father's guinataang alimasag and your lola's lasagna!

And if you have extra moolah, you can present the recipe in a mug, jug, bowl or plate. Look for cheap miniatures. A recipe for the best cocoa drink in a mug, sorbet in a flute, soup in a bowl, secret sauces in saucers, cocktails in pitchers... list is endless!

For baptisms, you can use pictures of where you think the baby was conceived (easy for honeymoon babies). For birthdays, you can use a picture of the baby's first feeding.

If you have many recipes and pictures you want to use, give away a calendar of these!

And yes, this is also a perfect, very personal gift idea for special occasions like the Holidays...

Tuesday, August 05, 2008

7-Up Reception Punch

- recipe by Maan B. Teves (of Manila Diamond Hotel)

3/4 cups white sugar
1 cup water
23 oz. pineapple juice
3 cups orange juice
1 1/2 cups lemon juice
6 bottles (703 oz) 7-Up
1 tray ice cubes

1) Mix water and sugar in a pan and simmer for 5 minutes. Chill.
2) Chill fruit juices and 7-up.
3) Mix sugar syrup and fruit juices in a punch bowl.
4) At serving time, slowly pour in 7-Up
5) Add ice cubes. Garnish with mint leaves if desired.

Saturday, August 02, 2008

Job Openings at Adarna House

as posted in their website:

Job Openings: Sales Assistant & BMR Coordinator
Jul 23, 2008
Event : Job Opening
Adarna House, Inc is now looking for individuals to fill the following positions:

Sales Assistant
Male or Female ٠ At least 21 years old, but not over 40 ٠ College graduate, preferably with a business-related degree ٠ With at least one-year experience in sales ٠ Must be computer literate; must know how to use basic computer applications such as MS Office ٠ Willing to do bookstore routes in NCR and provincial areas ٠ Has the drive to grow and learn in the field of sales

Bright Minds Read (BMR) Coordinator
Male or Female ٠ At least 30 years old, but not over 40 ٠ College graduate ٠ Must have excellent coordinating skills ٠ Must be able to learn quickly and work with minimum supervision

Candidates must also have positive work ethics, be of good moral character, and possess a pleasing personality, the ability to deal with different kinds of people, and good communication and interpersonal skills.

If interested, please send in your resume, 2X2 picture with contact details to Adarna House's Human Resources Officer at

Friday, August 01, 2008

Overseas Job Openings

In the service of Massive Filipino Job Hunters, Manpower and Recruitment Industry, and Business Firms in the General Industries, I offer you where you can view the latest job openings of POEA licensed agencies.

Register now, post your resume online and search for openings that are currently available.


Meanwhile, if you're looking for job openings in Singapore/Malaysia, these are currently listed in the manpowerphilippines ygroups:

1) Senior Java Developer - Perm Job - Singapore

Right now we have several positions for Senior Java Developer to work on site with our USA MNC Client (RFID Solution) in Singapore.

Senior Java Developer - Strong in J2SE and Swing
Senior Java Developer - Strong in Core Java, Swing and product development

Duration: 1st year under Mindteck Payroll and 2nd year will be converted to perm staff under our client payroll
Salary: Negotiable.
Nationality : All

Please send your resume to "johnson.low @ sg.mindteck. com" stating the following:
1. Current Monthly Salary
2. Expected Monthly Salary in SGD
3. Availability Period
4. Reason for leaving

We regret only short-listed candidate will be notified for an interview.

* Those who are in Singapore for a face to face interview will have an advantage.

2) > 1. Oracle BA - Financial
> 2. Oracle BA - Install Base
> 3. Oracle BA - Distribution/ Logistics
> 4. Oracle BA - Manufacturing

Submit resume to viceroy219 @ hotmail. com

Mommy Buttons

Mommy bloggers usually love blinkies and countdown tickers and buttons. And I stumbled on some realy cute buttons for all kinds of infanticipating... even those who adopted or are still dealing with infertility.

So, to grab them, head on over to Miss Jenna's site.
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