Thursday, July 03, 2008

Visit Branson

Branson is the LIVE MUSIC CAPITAL OF THE WORLD! Why? Because the city offers around 100 Live Music Shows in about forty theaters!!! is one of the more helpful sites on the area, with an intensive listing of what the City has to offer. I was helping a friend look up possible vacation packages for her and her husband and that's how I came upon the site. I especially love that their rates also include coupons/gift cheques to restaurants in the area as well as tickets to the shows. Not only would that save them money, the coupon book can even serve as a guide book or itinerary during their stay there.

I also checked out the site's listing of attractions since am big on those. I was absolutely thrilled (and envious, because it's my friends that are going there) to find out that they have a Titanic museum there (Titatnic is my favorite movie). I'd seriously love a picture of me taken at the grand staircase! My husband, however, is sure to prefer their Antique Toy Museum instead.

Branson sure does offer a lot of outdoor fun and i'd also surely like to try out the Outback Bungee. And its caves and nature parks cannot help but appeal to the mountaineer in me.

It seems there are a lot of things one can really do in Branson. Maybe I should get my friend to have the site customize a package for them for an extended stay since I doubt they'd get to enjoy even half of it on a 3 Days-2 Nights package.

So, anyway, if you're planning an affordable, fun-filled family vacation, consider Branson!

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