Thursday, July 17, 2008

Vegas on a Budget

Who hasn't dreamed of staying in one of the those luxurious Vegas hotels and throwing away money on tables and card games, as well as butler service, shopping, pampering and champagne?

Yup. I think we all have, even if we're not too keen on gambling. Vegas just really appeals to that darker side we all have to splurge and blur the edges of propriety. Then again, Vegas is also family friendly given the investments made there to cater to kids' whims as well.

And yes, it can even be budget friendly.

Aside from weddings costing really cheap there (plus, you get to be declared somebody's wife or husband by someone in a Darth Vader outfit), other free things you can do there include enjoying the:

~ fountains as well as the Conservatory and Botanical Gardens at the Bellagio
~ Hawaiian Marketplace Performers
~ Aquarium, Tropical Rainforest and the Volcano at the Mirage
~ Atlantis Water Show in the Forum Shops at Caesars
~ Lion Habitat at the MGM Grand
~ free drinks from your hotel or some/most of the tourist destinations
~ free transportation provided by the shuttles

Just do your research first and wear really comfy shoes when you're there so you can still enjoy it if you get lost orhave to travel on foot.

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