Friday, July 04, 2008


Tweezers are some of the handier things you can always have with you without having to think of it as excess baggage on your purse. And First Aid Kits should all have tweezers in them. Same as homes.

Aside from tweezing away the errant hair, from your brows, your armpits, your ears, even your hand maybe, tweezers are also specially helpful in tight spots. When I was still active in mountaineering, my friend's Rubis was especially helpful in removing thorns from my palms during a hike. Of course, that also taught me to use gloves most of the time (and to pay attention to branches I'm going to hold onto). Tweezers will also assist in dressing bandages (to make sure wounds stay sterile) and they also take out splinters easily.

Tweezers may even help in scrapbooking, or other artsy projects where you don't want to be handling the materials with your hands.

So get a trusted brand (or two) now. When you get a good one, it's usually a lifelong investment made already, unless you lose it.

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