Sunday, July 27, 2008

Start Small

Before getting carried away with all your grandiose plans to get rich,save,invest, etc., before even considering the services of a futures broker or considering the merits of mutual funds, think about starting small where savings and some sort of financial security is concerned.

Get an insurance plan from a reputable company. Be it a life insurance or some pension plan. Usually, premiums are negligible (especially if you consider how much you actually spend on just eating out yearly) and you are at least guaranteed of a certain amount in a future year, or a certain service someday. Insurance plans are also throwing in other incentives with their plans which you would be wise to take advantage of.

As much as possible too, try to pay off these premiums on a yearly basis, instead of the staggered quarterly payments, to make sure you have more savings (plus,you need not worry about coming up with a certain sum every quarter).

It goes without saying, however, to read the fine print all the time before committing yourself into anything.

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