Friday, July 11, 2008


I have attended around three birthday parties this year already who got the services of Miss Jhoanne Paris Henson-Alon of Polkadots. And yes, all three parties were huge successes and all clients had nothing but utmost thanks and happiness for getting Polkadots.

Polkadots also offers the most extensive listing of suppliers per party element that i've seen. And Jhoanne is really nice and more than willing to work with clients who are working on limited budget. So for your party requirements, contact:

Jhoanne Paris Henson-Alon

Picture of Wanlu entertaining the crowd with the birthday boy's Dad


h. said...

hehehe i agree! i've been to one just last weekend. does this look familiar? :-)

Mec said...

nyahahaha sister! very familiar!!! i've actually watched Wanlu twice na kaya we're not getting him anymore kasi sawa na kami ni hubs sa kanya... but he's very good at what he does :)

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