Sunday, July 13, 2008

Planning a Pool Party?

Then here are some things you should do well to remember:

1) Keep food simple. Preferably, serve finger foods. You can be creative with not so usual offerings (like iced corn dogs) so long as you serve them in servings of one, with the necessary sticks, spoons or saucers.

2) Keep decors simple. If you will cover tables, avoid cloths that will dangle and get wet from all the kids running about.

3) Provide things like sunscreen, pool floats, lifesavers, maybe even extra towels. Also, designate a lifeguard who will watch over the kids frolicking at the pool.

4) Think barbecue. If you must serve rice, maybe you can provide a DIY station of quick-cooking rice, different spices and seasonings, different meats and foil envelopes so guests can just make their own and also have fun doing it.

5) Provide fun music.

6) Make sure your guests will have and know where to park.

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