Sunday, July 27, 2008

On Health Insurance

Few people really contemplate on getting sick. But getting a health insurance or the services of an HMO is one of those really good investments that we should always prioritize.

At worst, if you don't get to use it, you can just think of the money spent paying the premiums as money thrown in several calorie-ridden Starbucks frappes that you really can do without.

At most, it may just very well save you from:
1) worrying about where to get cash in emergencies
2) dipping into your savings in cases of emergencies, and
3) borrowing money or pawning/selling property in cases of medical emergencies

People would also be foolish to think that just eating right and sleeping right will do the trick in keeping illnesses and accidents at bay. The truth of the matter is, we can be as hygienic and carefull all we want but others' who are not will still affect our health, not to mention the gift/curse heredity brings to our lives.

You can start small. It may not be as comprehensive as a North Carolina health insurance but Philhealth will save you a lot of money already from confinements. And do ask your HR if you can enrol your immediate family members in the HMO your company uses. This saves you on costs because the HMO is likely to be offering the insurance at corporate rates and your HR can just deduct in from your paycheck in staggered basis.

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Unknown said...

You are right that it is important to have health insurance coverage just in case. You can't get it once you find out you are sick and anyone can fall ill.

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