Thursday, July 31, 2008

Is Glutathione the Answer?

... or merely a shortcut?

In this day and age of fast and junk food, where everything is extra creamy, salty and fatty, it is really important to liver cleanse. Because of the liver's very important role in metabolism and detoxification, it's really our life on the line when our liver gets comprmised with too much fats and toxins.

So, does glutathione really help? The oral kind?

Googling for answers, I was left unconvinced. Most sites would say that glutathione in the liver is what helps in the natural detoxification process, but oral glutathione never (or does not always) get to the liver because it is desroyed in the stomach (in the process of digestion). In fact, it seems what actually has been to work is intravenous glutathione, not oral.

But I guess the Filipino celebrities taking it aren't really after the liver cleansing but the fairer, whiter complexion it brings about as a side effect.

Anyway, one good read to boosting glutathione in our bodies naturally can be found here. And really, a lifestyle change is in order, not over-the-counter pills.

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