Thursday, July 31, 2008

Having Your Cake and Eating it Too

What if your family loves spending the summer in a particular place (say, Baguio or Palawan or Batangas or even abroad?) and do not really like having to compete with others for the nicest, or the most affordable, accommodations?

You think, why not then buy a house there instead? But then you realize that it wouldn't be really practical, having to spend on taxes, maintenance, and housekeeping when you only need it for several days once or twice a year.

That's where asset-sharing properties come in, where fractional ownership of a house or condo unit or resthouse allows you to enjoy the perks at a fraction of the cost. In Manila, business aviation is one of the things being tapped for fractional ownership (since the assets usually have to be these really expensive ones).

So yes, you just might own a mansion after all. Do your research now.

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