Friday, July 04, 2008

Google Happenings

If you're currently planning your vacation, say, already checking out Sea Pines rentals, take your planning a step further by also googling the happenings in the area you're going to. Knowing if there are concerts, bazaars, shows or festivals around the same time of your trip should entice you further, prepare you or make you consider other destinations instead.

If you're a fan of steaks and barbecues, taking a trip to Maine in May will probably make you drool already. But if you'd rather enjoy New Orleans quietly, you have to avoid Mardi Gras season (February). Knowing if the city's celebrating any feasts would also tell you that prices of rooms, food and souvenirs may be higher than usual. Or that, at least, you have to be prepared for long taxi queues or plan your itenerary to get you as far away as possible from the concert area.

Most travel sites list these info so make sure to include them in your research.

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