Thursday, July 03, 2008

Delay Ageing

Our activities and the thinning ozone layer hasten the ageing process. The food we eat, too much sun exposure, the late nights, the frequent trips all take its toll on our bodies. And what usually ages first is our skin.

So what can we do to delay the ageing of our skin?

First, we have to remember that hydration is key. So not only should we moisturize everyday, all the time, but we must also 'water' our skin from within. Eight glasses of water should do it, more if you're doing something really energetic or travelling on a plane (or staying in air-condition rooms that dry up the skin).

And we have to eat the right food. If you want, you can even follow the Best Odds Diet even if you're not pregnant.

And then there's exercise which increases skin elasticity by getting your blood flowing to more parts of your body. And yes, there are facial toning exercises as well.

And then of course, there are the beauty products. You need not spend so much on the best wrinkle cream and moisturizers and lotion and body milk, but you do have to find what your skin responds to best. Shania Twain uses the cream farmers use on cows' udders and look how fantabulous she is!

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