Thursday, July 31, 2008

Cheaper Furniture

Filling up your new nest and finding that you don't exactly have the budget for it?

Maybe it's time for you to check out discount furniture in garage sales! Haunt especially the ones in exclusive subdivisions and villages where leaving expats sell their slightly used ones at great prices. If you're lucky, you can even get complete sets and matching accessories and trimmings for the furniture you want.

Plus, since these are previously-owned by the can-afford, they are more likely to be of good quality and in good condition.

If, however, secondhand doesn't suit you, then maybe Tiendesitas is the place for you. Or Market, Market (I forgot which floor). Or even village bazaars and multiply sellers (I missed on a great changing table there once!). Stay away from boutiques in malls because they are more likely to also get you shouldering the space rent. Which brings me back to garage sales, those who do hold one need not pay for space as it's their own garage. So you get your buys as cheaply as possble!

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